Ayat Abourashed


Track: 7, Citizens and surveillance with focus on high schools


Eric van Gorp (EMC); Frederic Bartumeus (CEAB-CSIC)

Primary Supervisor

Laura Doornekamp; Santi Escartin-Peña


Erasmus University Medical Centre


Description PhD project

My project focuses on using citizen science (CS) as a method for surveillance, understanding social determinants of disease prevention and control, discovering motivations for citizen science participation and determining how to incorporate CS data in epidemiological models. Citizen science is the involvement in the public with scientific processes in collaboration with experts.

At the moment, I am developing a CS program to have secondary school students use Mosquito Alert (a mobile application that allows citizens to send in photos and reports of mosquitoes, biting rates and breeding sites) across the Netherlands and Spain to collect surveillance data. I’m happy to collaborate with people from all over who would like to use digital epidemiology and questionnaire validation and development.

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