Committee overview

The One Health PACT – is a project that enclose and unify the work of researchers from many different institutions located throughout the Netherlands. To best harmonize the work of each research track and coordinate each aspect of such a wide project, eight committees have been funded. Each of them will focus on the management of a particular aspect of project:

Science Cafés

Science cafés are an important opportunity to share updates from cohort members on their ongoing projects and open discussion on relevant related scientific issues in an informal environment. The committee has the responsibility to assess frequency and locations of these events, book locations, moderate discussions during the events and review the budget with Finance Rep.

Committee members:

  • Bijan Godarzi
  • Charlotte Linthout
  • Louie Krol
  • Rody Blom

Communication and Media

Such a wide project concerning a topic with high impact on public health needs high visibility in the scientific community and not only. The communication and media committee has the responsibility to create and manage activities on social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), and set up and diffuse newsletters contents.

Committee members:

  • Pauline de Best
  • Nnomzie Atama
  • Ayat Abourashed


Publication committee has the responsibility to provide support to the cohort on creating and/or editing posters and manuscripts and develop a poster format for the One Health PACT, with the aim of standardize the format of scientific communications within such a wide cohort. It is also in charge of identify possible conferences that OIOs could attend.

Committee members:

  • Mariken de Wit
  • Martha Dellar


Finance committee has the responsibility of the provision and administration of the finances for the activities of the committees and to determines the budgets together with the One Health PACT program manager.

Committee member:

  • Martha Dellar

Trainings and Summer School

The committee has the aim of contributing to the OIOs professional growth by organizing training and workshops dedicated to the cohort and led by experts and also suggesting possible training that could be of interests for the PhDs. It has also the responsibility of designing the seminars and schedule for the annual Summer School.

Committee Members:

  • Muriel Aguilar Bretones
  • Chiara de Bellegarde
  • Gianfilippo Agliani

Cohort Liason

To best take in contact and coordinate the activities of the OIOs and of the various committee, the Cohort Liason committee member has the responsibility of act as contact person for cohort, collect updates from each committee and evaluate progresses, identify areas of improvements and inform the One Health PACT program manager of cohort happenings.

Committee member:

  • Ayat Abourashed

Event Organizers

In the context of a project that involve so many participants, gathering activities and events are an important role in promoting socialization and cooperation. The Event Organizers committee has the responsibility of organize social gathering and events, involving OIOs, to encourage team spirit and offer opportunities for collaborations.

Committee members:

  • Jo Duyvestyn
  • Kiki Streng
  • Clara Delecroix


The photo committee has the responsibility of creating a photo depository from the activities performed within the project and developing an annual photo album.

Committee members:

  • Charlotte Linthout
  • Eleanor Marshall
  • Joyce van Bree
  • Ayat Abourashed

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