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Get involved

Citizen science is a way of involving citizens in research projects, allowing the public to work in collaboration with experts to solve relevant problems. It consists of a wide variety of activities such as making and recording observations, measuring local conditions or notifying sightings of, for instance, wild animal species. Within the One Health PACT project, citizens are involved through multiple programs: Muggenradar, Mosquito Alert, Viruskenner and even some yet to be developed applications within this project! These programs aim to collect data on both mosquito and ecological factors, as well as on human health. By including citizens in the One Health PACT, we can expand the data collection efforts necessary to monitor, prevent and control arboviral spread, while highlighting the  relevance of our project and educating the public on impactful issues. This way, we hope to create a great impact with our research project on prevention of arboviral spread with the help of the public.

On the rest of this page you will find information about the tools used in our citizen science projects, the importance of the data we will collect with these tools and how you can get involved. Will you be our next citizen scientist?