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The One Health PACT project takes place within a multidisciplinary research field. The aim of our project is to extensively look into all aspects of preparedness of potential arboviral introduction and spread. To reach this goal, many partners from different fields are involved. Among those partners are the universities, where our PhD students and Post-doc are located. In addition to that, the NWO financed this project together with several co-financiers that all provide their expertise in different research fields. Lastly, there are national and international collaborating partners involved in the project by sharing data and knowledge with our researchers. An overview of all the partners is given below. 

Prof. Marion Koopmans

Prof. Marion Koopmans, Head of the Department of Viroscience and Scienctific Director Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Netherlands Centre for One Health, is coordinator of the Research project One Health PACT.