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Invitation 5th Dutch Arbovirus Research Network Meeting

Invitation 5th Dutch Arbovirus Research Network Meeting

The 5th Dutch Arbovirus Research Network (DARN) meeting will facilitate sharing the latest findings in the arbovirology field and connecting arbovirologists in the Netherlands.  

The DARN 2021 meeting will be held online on the mornings of Thursday May 20 and Friday May 21 from 9:00 to 12:00. Participation is free, but registration is required via the following formThe registration deadline is 17 May. A link for participation will be send closer to the meeting date.


The DARN 2021 program includes two mornings of keynote speaker talks and oral presentations (15-20 min). Moreover, we like to offer a platform for young scientist to present their research proposal or early results in a 5 minute pitch.  

Day 1: Thursday 20 May
Session 1 (moderator: Gorben Pijlman)
9.00WelcomeGorben Pijlman 
(Wageningen University and Research)
9.05Keynote speaker presentationJody Peters 
(The University of Queensland)
Binjari: a chimeric mosquito-specific virus platform for the production of flaviviral vaccines
9.50PresentationNoreen Mumtaz 
(Erasmus University Medical Center)
ZIKA virus infection diminishes osteoclast function
10.15PresentationSebastian Lequime 
(University of Groningen)
Make more with your data: transform vector competence studies into epidemiological insights
10.35PitchTessa Nelemans 
(Leiden University Medical Center)
The interplay between Usutu virus and the host interferon response
PitchFadel Muhammad Garishah(Radboud University Medical Center)Increased plasma heparanase activity and dengue-associated plasma leakage
PitchEleanor Marshall (Erasmus University Medical Center)Models to study and prioritize neuropathogenic arboviruses
PitchLanjiao Wang (KU Leuven)Detection of bacteria and fungi in mosquito saliva: role in arbovirus infection?
Session 2 (moderator: Tessy Hick)
11.15PresentationTatiana M. Shamorkina(University of Utrecht)Glycan shielding on Dengue and Zika virus envelopes against broadly neutralizing E-dimer epitope (EDE) antibodies revealed by mass spectrometry
11.35PresentationNilima Dinesh Kumar (University Medical Center Groningen)An autophagy-specific siRNA screen reveals BNIP3 as a regulator of chikungunya virus infection
11.55PresentationChantal Vogels (Yale School of Public Health)Emergence and spread of Powassan virus in the northeastern United States
12.15Final wordsTessy Hick 
(Wageningen University and Research)
Day 2: Friday 21 May
Session 3 (moderator: Julian Bakker)
9.00WelcomeJulian Bakker 
(Wageningen University and Research)
9.05Keynote speaker presentationIzabela Rodenhuis-Zybert(University of Groningen)Understanding mechanisms of dengue virus-induced inflammation
9.50PresentationSamara Rosendo Machado(Radboud University Medical Center)Characterization of novel genetic determinants of arbovirus vector competence in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
10.15PresentationReina Sikkema (Erasmus University Medical Center)One Health surveillance of emerging arboviruses in the Netherlands; the use for early warning and prediction
10.35PitchEmmanuelle Münger (Erasmus University Medical Center)Genomic monitoring to investigate emergence and transmission dynamics of arboviruses in the Netherlands
 PitchMariken de Wit (Wageningen University and Research)Understanding arbovirus disease emergence and future outbreak risk to inform control strategies: a modelling approach
 PitchEzgi Taskopru (Radboud University Medical Center)Virus-derived small RNAs in Aedes aegyptitissues
 PitchCharlotte Linthout (Wageningen University and Research) Vector competence of Dutch Aedes japonicusmosquitoes for WNV
Session 4 (moderator: Sander Koenraadt)
11.15PresentationBenoit Besson (Radboud University Medical Center)An insect-specific flavivirus produces unique subgenomic RNAs correlated with high amounts of siRNAs
11.35PresentationLana Langendries (KU Leuven)Alphavirus and flavivirus infectivity is significantly reduced by components of the bacterial cell wall
11.55PresentationErick Bermúdez-Méndez(Wageningen Bioveterinary Research)Genome packaging of bunyaviruses and potential role of incomplete particles in within-host virus spread  
12.15Final wordsSander Koenraadt 
(Wageningen University and Research)

Call for abstracts 

If you like to present your work in an oral presentation (15-20 min) or pitch (5 min), please submit your abstract by email to Indicate whether you like to present an oral presentation or pitch, your institute, the title of your talk and the authors of the abstract (maximum 300 words). The deadline for submission is 18 April

The DARN2021 organizing committee

Julian Bakker, Tessy Hick, Gorben Pijlman, and Sander Koenraadt 

Laboratory of Virology and Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University and Research