One Health PACT Research on Dutch television program: “Kennis van Nu”.

One Health PACT Research on Dutch television program: “Kennis van Nu”.

In October 2019, the Dutch television program “De Kennis van Nu” (The Knowledge of Now) created an episode about mosquitoes and disease “ziekmakende muggen” (mosquitoes that spread diseases). In this episode, several One Health PACT consortium members were interviewed. 

From Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, Professor Marion Koopmans, virologist and coordinator of the One Health PACT, and veterinarian-researcher Reina Sikkema were interviewed about testing samples collected for wild bird surveillance to check for the presence of viruses like West Nile virus. Entomologist Sander Koenraadt and virologist Gorben Pijlman from the University of Wageningen were interviewed about their research into the ability of (Dutch) mosquitoes to transmit diseases. Henk van der Jeugd, researcher at NIOO-KNAW, was interviewed about the bird ringing activity in the Netherlands and the importance of surveillance in wild birds. Researcher Maarten Schrama from Leiden University was interviewed about the temperatures and environmental characteristics where mosquito eggs and larvae thrive best. 

Watch the full episode of “De Kennis van Nu” here:

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