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Reminder: 30 May – NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting

NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting 2024: Microbiology, food, and our changing climate: Consequences, challenges and solutions. Join the NCOH Annual Scientific Meeting to get up to speed with the latest developments and meet fellow NCOH colleagues on 30 May. This year the meeting is hosted by Amsterdam UMC at the location AMC.

As we all know global food production and climate change create enormous societal challenges that come with microbial, ecological, and infectious disease consequences, such as antimicrobial resistance and vector-borne diseases. However, the world’s microbes may also provide solutions, such as eradication of mosquitos or enhanced crop yields. So, get inspired about the microbiological consequences and solutions to take on these global challenges this day. 

The first talk will be from Thijs Kuiken (ErasmusMC) about a One Health approach to infectious diseases in a rapidly changing world. Thereafter, we will hear from Cameron Simmons (Monash University, Melbourne Australia) about Deploying Wolbachia for elimination of dengue as a public health problem. We are very glad that Joppe Hovius (Amsterdam UMC) will update us on Innovative strategies to prevent Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

We also dive into Insects as feed and food: economic and safety aspects, with a talk from Ine van der Fels (Wageningen University & Research). And Microbiomes will take center stage with the talks of Fabrice DeClerck (EAT) Microbiomes as engines of health and sustainability and Hilde Herrema (the Holomicrobiome initiative | Amsterdam UMC): The Holomicrobiome Initiative; tapping into the potential of the microbiome to solve societal challenges. Early career researchers will pitch their research and compete for the Best Pitch Award, and the Young NCOH board will organise an activity to lead us into the drinks and talks.

For whom

The meeting is aimed at researchers from our Partners and Associates that are involved in all the NCOH Strategic Research Themes. We particularly encourage young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) to join this meeting. This Science Café is organised by the NCOH Executive Board:

  • Prof. Constance Schultsz, Amsterdam UMC (host Annual Scientific Meeting)
  • Prof. Annemarie Rebel, Wageningen University & Research (chair NCOH)
  • Prof Mark de Boer, Leiden University Medical Center
  • Prof. Geert van de Bogaart, University of Groningen
  • Prof. Marc Bonten, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • Prof. Marion Koopmans, Erasmus Medical Center
  • Prof. Lidwien Smit, Utrecht University
  • Prof. Nathanial Martin, Leiden University
  • Prof. Ronald van Rij, Radboudumc
  • Prof. Wim van der Poel, Wageningen University & Research
  • Prof. Jutta de Vries, Leiden University Medical Center
  • Dr. Arjen van de Giessen, RIVM