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Update 16 students of Avans University of Applied sciences

student-s Avans University of Applied sciences

Last half year, 16 students of Avans University of Applied sciences participated in the One Health PACT project and collaborated with a diversity of collaborators (ErasmusMC, LUMC and UU). Different research questions were addressed and a lot of learning goals were achieved! Here are some of the eye-openers for the students: ‘Western blot can be a very well fitting method do detect specific proteins during virus infections and should be considered more often.’; ‘It is really important to think a project like this through. What we did for the last half year was only a small part of something much bigger.’; We have learned to set up a project research from scratch and we got a better picture of the importance of our research about the Usutu virus for OH Pact.’; ‘Arboviruses may be closer than expected.’; ‘The biggest eye opener is probably how much time it can cost to optimize protocol to find results.’

Altogether, the students moved on towards another step in there study and are looking back towards a very interesting scientific half year within One Health PACT.
Moving forward, four new students are now addressing new questions related to One Health PACT within the minor bio-informatics.