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Workshop: Creating scenario storylines

On Friday 15th July, Martha Dellar and Eline Boelee organised a scenarios workshop at Deltares, Delft. Participants came from a range of organisations, including representatives from academia, local government, the private sector and One Health PACT. During this workshop, the participants focused on creating storylines. For each scenario, participants were given a set of starting assumptions and then worked together to create a timeline from the present up to 2100, showing possible major events and newspaper headlines. They considered climate and socio-economic factors, including sea-level rise, agricultural practices, demographics, lifestyles and healthcare, among others. During the workshop three fantastic stories were developed which will form the basis of three OHPACT scenarios. In the next part of the research project the researchers will work on making these scenarios quantitative and they will develop spatial maps which can be used to predict mosquito and bird abundances under each scenario.