Charlotte Linthout


Track 13; Vector Competence studies in change scenarios


Marcel Dicke (WUR)

Primary Supervisor

Sander Koenraadt (WUR)


Gorben Pijlman (WUR)
Barry Rockx (EMC)
Ronald van Rij (Radboud UMC)


Wageningen University & Research


Description PhD project

Hi there! I’m Charlotte, an outgoing, adventurous and creative 25 year-old Belgian.

After my undergraduate in biotechnology in Belgium, I went to Liverpool, UK to do a masters in Molecular Biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors. As part of this degree, I did my master’s thesis on validating an in vitro Dirofilaria immitis cell culture system for (new) heartworm drugs. During this project, I came in contact with mosquitoes as a vector for heartworms of cats and dogs, and I found it very interesting how these tiny arthropods are capable of causing so many health issues.

Therefore, I chose this PhD project, focusing on vector competence studies in changing scenario’s, where the aspect of climate change especially got my attention. By conducting this research, I hope it will become clear what the specific threats are of these diseases coming to the Netherlands if global climate change continues.

Overall, I hope to achieve from this project to keep growing as a researcher by setting up my own experiments and to keep gaining knowledge on this subject. But more importantly, I hope that we, as one team, can work together to show the ‘man in the street’ what can possibly happen in the next couple of years when the environment will keep changing in the direction it is now and what the potential threats are for the public health if these vectors are competent in transmitting arboviruses.

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