Jo Duyvestyn


Track: 25, Arbovirus pathogenesis and development of innovative vaccine candidates


Eric Snijder (LUMC)

Primary Supervisor(s)

Marjolein Kikkert (LUMC); Martijn van Hemert (LUMC)


Barry Rockx (EMC)


Leiden University Medical Centre


Description PhD project

I grew up in New Zealand, where I completed my MSc in Biochemistry from Waikato University. I then moved to Australia to with mouse models of Leukemia at the University of Western Australia – where I got really good at getting blood and bone marrow from mice really quickly and cleanly.

From there, I took a role as a Research Officer at the World Mosquito Program in Melbourne where we studied the tripartite interactions between Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, the symbiotic bacteria Wolbachia, and human pathogenic arboviruses. There I gained some interesting niche skills like identifying female pupae, micro-injecting mosquitoes with viruses, and dissecting beautiful whole salivary glands for FISH images. I am interested in emerging infectious diseases, neglected tropical disease and pandemic preparedness, and look forward expanding my current experience in arbovirology. By being a part of this One Health focused consortium I also hope to achieve a deeper understanding of the broad range of areas that impact upon vector related public health.

 I also enjoy getting out of the city to explore (especially anywhere with snow, or ocean), and crafty hobbies like scrapbooking and knitting. I try to be always learning new things (philosophy/economics) and debating about ideas, and am interested in how to be more ethical in our lives (specifically, I am involved in the Effective Altruism movement).

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