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Tom van der Most


Track 14: Vector immunity in change scenario’s


Ronal van Rij (Radboud University Medical Center)

Primary Supervisor

Ronal van Rij (Radboud University Medical Center)




Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen


Description PhD project

‘Continue until everything is understood’

I am the type of person that enjoys making sense of it all. During the research master ‘Infection & Immunity’, I have studied the influence of neutrophils on cancer cell motility and the potential interaction of the varicella-zoster virus latency-associated transcript with the viral gene on the opposite strand. Now I am facing a new topic and am excited to dive into the role that the mosquito immune system plays in the transmission of viruses by mosquitoes. The laboratory work in this PhD project aims to improve our understanding of the immune response of Culex pipiens, the most common mosquito in the Netherlands. We additionally look whether insect viruses, which are naturally present in Dutch mosquitoes,  can reduce the risk of spreading viruses relevant to human and animal health. Personally, I am also looking forward to sharing the knowledge I gain and combine a career in science with one in education.

An enjoyment for thinking and logic extends to my social life, in which I enthusiastically play chess and solve puzzles. I also enjoy spending time behind the piano, cooking, playing boardgames and socialising with friends. I am excited to be part of this large consortium and together prepare the Netherlands for future viral outbreaks by mosquitoes.