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Turn mosquito nuisance into valuable data: report via

The One Health PACT is interested in mosquitoes in the Netherlands. Part of the research into these mosquitoes is based on nuisance reports from citizens via Last year we gave an update on the reports made by citizens in the summer of 2020. This year the research continues and we hope you are willing to help us by reporting the mosquito nuisance you experience in and around your house! You can do this by making (anonymous) reports of mosquito nuisance via even if you do not experience any mosquito nuisance.

How will we use this data?

In our research project, we do a lot of fieldwork. Part of this fieldwork is catching mosquitoes. With the data collected with, we can see whether the number of mosquitoes seen in the field corresponds with the nuisance reported by participants living in that area. This helps us with creating an overview of mosquito activity throughout the Netherlands. So all the reports on mosquito nuisance are welcome!

If you want to read more about this research you can follow this link, it also includes an overview of the results from last year July to October.  

Date: July 16, 2021