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Clara Delecroix


Track 11: Generic early warning indicators for vector-borne infections


Marten Scheffer (WUR)

Primary Supervisor

Ingrid van de Leemput (WUR); Quirine ten Bosch (WUR)




Wageningen University & Research


Description PhD project

Hi, I am Clara and I come from France. I have been practising horse riding for around ten years now, and own a horse. I also love food in general and everything related such as cooking or going to gastronomic restaurants. Finally, I like hiking and skiing, or just spend some time in the mountains.

I started my studies with a Bachelor and then a Master degree in Bioinformatics and Modelling, in Lyon, France. I had the opportunity to complete several projects such as modelling atherosclerosis, developing tools to help dairy farmers, and I did an internship in a Plant Breeding company in the Netherlands. I also went on an exchange semester in Trondheim, Norway and I really appreciated studying in a culturally diverse environment.

During the course of my studies, I discovered epidemiology and showed a great interest in that subject. Hence, I applied for a second Master Degree in Biostatistics and Public Health. I am now writing my master thesis in Paris, working on the cholera epidemic in Nigeria with Doctors without Borders, and I will graduate in August.

I have been willing to work in academic research since I started studying, that is why I wanted to complete my studies with a PhD. I also love the idea of working on a project for several years. When I heard about the One Health PACT project, I immediately loved the project and the idea of different PhD students from diverse backgrounds working together on mosquito-borne diseases. During this project, I aim at discovering new approaches to work form the diverse team, meet new people and gain experience in academic research.