de Wit


Track: 9, Tracing and retracing mosquito-borne disease emergence and spread


Mart de Jong

Primary supervisor

Quirine ten Bosch


Wageningen University & Research


Description PhD project

I am Mariken de Wit, PhD candidate for track 9: Tracing and retracing mosquito-borne disease emergence. I have a background in Biomedical Sciences and Epidemiology. During my undergraduate degree I became really interested in epidemiology and data analysis and I felt like that was more my thing than being in the lab. Infectious diseases have fascinated me since day 1 and they still do. After an internship in malaria immunology at Institut Pasteur, Paris, I went on to do an MSc in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I then worked as a Research Fellow at LSHTM for a couple of years on an HIV project in sub-Saharan Africa. When I came across the OH-PACT project, I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for: a challenging project where I could improve my quantitative skills, become an infectious disease modeller, work together in an interdisciplinary consortium, and apply all this to vector-borne diseases! My project focusses on better understanding the dynamics of past and future arbovirus outbreaks in the Netherlands and beyond by using mathematical transmission models. For this, I will integrate a lot of data that is being collected by the other PhD students and evaluate interventions developed within the consortium.

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