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Kiki Streng


Track: 8, Arbovirus surveillance in livestock


Wim van der Poel (WUR)

Primary Supervisor

Wim van der Poel (WUR)


Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC)


Wageningen University & Research, Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology


Description PhD project

My name is Kiki Streng and I’m a Dutch veterinarian. I obtained my Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in 2017. After graduation, I worked as a vet at an equine- and small animal clinic for three years.

Within this PhD project, I focus on the surveillance of arboviruses in livestock and other domestic- and wild animals in the Netherlands. Surveillance in animals can give us indication for arboviral introduction and spread. These signals could be used to communicate with veterinary and public health professionals, as well as the general public, to inform them about possible risks of infection in humans and animals.

During my PhD, I will perform baseline seroprevalence studies for the Netherlands in horses, dogs and other animal species. Together with Pauline (track 21), I will also work on a project regarding rapid response screening of animals in outbreak  situation. This involves sharing of available samples between laboratories and the government, the options for active sampling based on governmental mandate and the legislation involved. Additionally, I will look into awareness and reporting of (notifiable) arboviral infections by veterinarians. 


De Best, P.*, de Wit, M.*, Streng, K.*, Dellar, M. and Koopmans, M., Emerging arboviral diseases – Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Medische Microbiologie, Sept 2021,