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Rody Blom


Track 1: Citizen science for mosquito surveillance


Marcel Dicke

Primary Supervisor

Sander Koenraadt (WUR)


Maarten Schrama (LU); Frederic Bartumeus (CEAB-CSIC)


Wageningen University & Research


Description PhD project

In February 2020, I started my PhD at the Wageningen University and Research ‘One Health Entomology Group’. I obtained my Master’s degree in Biology at Leiden University in the summer of 2018. During my studies, I became interested in aquatic ecology, ecotoxicology, ecosystem functioning and human-environment interactions. My research projects focused mainly on studying the effects of agricultural stressors (i.e. pesticides and nutrient deposits) on aquatic invertebrates. After my studies, I worked at Leiden University, where I conducted a large-scale experiment to assess the effects of agricultural chemicals and the introduction of invasive cray fish species in ditch systems. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, watching football, listening to music, cooking and hanging out with my friends.

I applied for this particular PhD project because of its societal relevance and importance. I believe that by including citizens in the NCOH project we will promote dissertation and understanding of the knowledge that we acquire, which might eventually prove to be useful in future disease risk mitigation. During this PhD, I wish to gain knowledge on the spatiotemporal dynamics of adult mosquito populations and their biting nuisance and host-seeking behaviour. Within my project I combine conventional mosquito trapping methods with citizen science approaches, for instance via The Muggenradar. By doing this, I wish to contribute to a better understanding of mosquitoes, their ecology and their role in disease transmission.