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Emmanuelle Münger


Track 23: Pathogen detection, metagenomics and genomic epidemiology for early warning surveillance


Marion Koopmans (EMC)

Primary Supervisor

Bas Oude Munnink (EMC); Richard Molenkamp (EMC)


Maarten Schrama (LU)


Erasmus University Medical Centre


Description PhD project

I am an environmental health scientist interested in evolutionary and ecological dynamics of infectious diseases

After a Bachelor’s in Biology, I completed an interdisciplinary Master’s program in Human Health, Nutrition and Environment at ETH Zürich, and more recently did a postgraduate specialization in geographic information systems at the University of Geneva. I have experience supporting WHO’s emergency response to the humanitarian crisis in Northeast Nigeria and have carried out research projects using phylogenetics and geospatial methods to investigate arboviral diseases dynamics with institutes in Oxford and in Rotterdam.

My PhD will focus on the development and application of pathogen detection assays, sequencing methods and bioinformatic workflows, as well as on performing phylogenetic and phylodynamic analyses of arboviral diseases. Ultimately, the aim is to integrate genomic data with ecological and environmental information generated within the OH PACT to investigate the spatiotemporal dynamics of arboviral diseases.