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Mosquito Alert Citizen Science project – Final event

Mosquito Alert Citizen Science project - Final event

On Friday, June 16, the closing meeting of the Mosquito Alert Citizen Science project of One Health PACT and Technasium took place. This project is organized by Prof. Eric van Gorp (Viroscience / One Health PACT) and Carolien Neeve (Technasium), among others.

Starting in March 2023, students from the Technasium conducted research on mosquitoes using the Mosquito Alert App. Several researchers from One Health PACT gave several master classes to the students. The Technasium students learned what scientific research is and received feedback from One Health PACT PhDs on their research question and plan of action. Read back the report on the masterclasses in Wageningen, Utrecht and Delft.

During the closing meeting at the Arminius Church in Rotterdam, the Technasium students presented the results of their research. All groups had made a research poster and presented their research to each other and organizations such as Avans. Marion Koopmans also attended via a short video in which she told how happy she was with the help towards the research.

The Spanish researchers from the Mosquito Alert App also called in with another school class from Spain.

After all the groups made their presentations, it was time for the awards ceremony. 

Students had a chance to win awards in four different categories. Audience award, Most Inspiring Content, Greatest Impact Made & Best Scientific Poster. The students who won these awards were given the honor of presenting their research once again in front of the entire group. Exciting!

Afterwards, all students received a certificate as proof of participation and then it was time to enjoy the beautiful weather and the weekend!

Date: 6 july, 2023