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Gianfilippo Agliani


Track 16: Prediction of host range and reservoir potential


Andrea Gröne

Primary Supervisor

Judith van den Brand (UU)


Barry Rockx (EMC)


Utrecht University


Description PhD project

I am Gianfilippo PhD candidate for the track n.16 Prediction of host range and reservoir potential.

I am an Italian veterinarian, I graduated in 2019 at the Veterinary Medicine faculty of University of Perugia. During my master’s degree studies I developed a strong interest in veterinary pathology, and, after graduation, I spent a period of time abroad in the section of Veterinary Pathology of Helsinki University. All these experiences led me to approach the field of research in veterinary pathology which particularly thrilled me.

The main objective of my research project is to identify the main features that characterize the interaction of usutu virus with the host, trying to set up an animal model for the study of the pathogenesis of the disease. I am sure that in the context of this multidisciplinary project I can contribute with my experience and have the chance to learn from others and to enrich my professional profile in a cooperation context. I hope this PhD will be a great steppingstone to undertake a career as researcher.

My hobbies include horse riding, reading books and cooking, especially experimenting with new recipes. One of my main passions is travelling, I love visiting cities and appreciate the history and art, but also rural areas, beautiful landscapes, and traditional foods and lifestyle.