One Health PACT & Technasium: a good team!

During the experimental season of 2022 a masterclass focusing on research with mosquito alert data, was organized at the Living lab research station of Leiden University by PhD’s Ayat Abourashed and Sam Boerlijst and PI’s Santi Escartin, Frederique Bartumeus and Maarten Schrama. The masterclass...

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Post-doc Martha Dellar vertelt over haar onderzoek

Welke impact hebben de veranderingen in het klimaat op de muggen en vogels in Nederland en welke virussen dragen zij bij zich? One Health PACT Post-doc onderzoeker Martha Dellar werkt voor Leiden Universiteit & Deltares en ontwikkelde vier toekomstscenario’s voor hoe Nederland er in...

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The Hour (‘Het Uur’) with virologist Marion Koopmans

A podcast from the NRC with One Health PACT coordinator Prof. Marion Koopmans. “The last three years feel like a rollercoaster. Deploying everything you know and actually more than that. To be better prepared for new pandemics and disasters in the future, it is important to reflect on what...

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Preparing for the next pandemic

Infectious diseases which cause epidemics and pandemics are on the rise An eminent panel of disease detectives – including One Health PACT coordinator prof. Marion Koopmans – spells out why the risks are increasing and most importantly, what we can do to predict, prepare and protect ourselves...

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Mosquito bite more dangerous due to global warming

Mosquito bites cause a lot of itching in the Netherlands, but fortunately not viral diseases. With the warming climate, however, that may change. What can we do about it? “The emphasis is on prevention”.  “Together we are getting the West Nile virus under control....

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Publication | Evaluation of the use of alternative sample types for mosquito-borne flavivirus surveillance: Using Usutu virus as a model

Nnomzie C.Atama, Irina V.Chestakova, Erwinde Bruin, Tijs J. van den Berg, Emmanuelle Munger, ChantalReusken, Bas B.Oude Munnink, Henkvan der Jeugd, Judith M.A.van den Brand, Marion P.G.Koopmans, Reina S.Sikkema. Highlights The study examined the use of less invasive alternative samples for...

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Two post-doc positions in Spain

Below you can find two job descriptions for two post-doc positions working on vector-borne diseases in Spain. We are seeking two postdoctoral researchers to incorporate during 2023 to our research team at Estación Biológica de Doñana (Seville, southern Spain). We offer two two-year...

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One Health PACT / Avans – Lab-students

13 3rd year Biology and Laboratorial Research students are till the end of January working on OHPACT-related projects within Avans under the supervision of teachers with One Health PACT as their client in the minor bio-informatics. Within this part of the curriculum of the bachelor education, project...

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